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Related post: Date: Sat, 29 russian bare forum Dec 2001 09:50:18 +0530 From: Julu Biswas Subject: Ria Seduced Me First. Lesbian/Incest (f/F)Ours is a union of two souls who wish to devour all the bliss in the world of lesbianism. I did not wish to publish my story, as this personal experience is meant for my lover's pleasure alone, but she insisted me to bring the experience to the knowledge of the like-minded persons also lesbian russian to encourage them in lesbian world, to shake off their hesitation and inhibition. I russian free porno sites was russian pornstar edelweiss really grateful to her before, but no longer am I, as we have now become a single entity. Please also note that this is our first attempt to publish our name on a web.If you like the story, please e-mail us to encourage us. If you wish to figure yourself as heroine in any of our story, just inform us the name you will like to have, a little bit of your appearance and your liking/disliking, and you will be there on this web-page.It's an incest lesbian story narrating how a young girl of 14 years had been seduced by her aunt. If this type of story is not liked by you, sorry, otherwise, enjoy. If you are not an adult according to the criteria of your country, please do not visit us.Title " Ria Seduced russian small grils porno Me First"Central characters - A young aunt galleries nude russian tgp and a 14 russian incest list years old girl.Category : Lesbian, Incest (f/F)Ria Seduced Me First."So unwanted (I tried to make myself to believe so but, in my heart of the hearts, knew it to be just the opposite) some days ago but so desirable now!' I thought when the first ray of the early morning sun had opened my eyes. The sensation, the ecstasy that gripped me from the last night, had not left me russian sex porn till now. My beautiful, soft, lush and attractive 14 years old body began to tremble when the memory of the evening flashed and, as a result, I began to feel restless. "We shall do everything tomorrow" had been the refrain of my heart.Did I ever think before my consent to the consistent right hand of my maternal Aunt, Ria, that the hand would bring me such a great pleasure? Had I thought before that the hand would cause me such an irresistible pleasure, I would have consented much before to the continuous persuasions of Ria. I felt to have slapped myself hard for my worthless fear and inhibitions.I was a beautiful girl of 14 years studying in one of the most reputed convent schools of Calcutta then. Since my early adolescent, I had begun to develop curves and swells at right places. My complexion is apple-pink, protruded lips, about 110 lbs., 5' 7", blooming bust that had begun to announce their presence since I was only 12 and in Class - VII, shapely thighs, dark eyes and shoulder length light brown hair.I still remember when I was hot nude russian girls in class - IX, I used to wear 34-A bra, and the pair used to attract attention not only of men and boys, but also that of girls and women. The tight-fit school uniform - especially that of PT Classes, used to expose all the shapely curves of my body fantastically. I used to visit my maternal house very frequently with my mum. My maternal aunt, Ria - the young, bold and beautiful, , used to pay special attention to me.She was also a very beautiful woman with well-developed breasts measuring at least 40-C, at least I xxx russian underground then thought so. Her body was a bit obese but certainly not fat, as her figure had been a perfect hourglass. She was 26 when I had been seduced by her; dark and dense jet-black hair that ran up to her mid back and when she let it open and hang loose, she looked very charming and attractive. She had always been russian ass face sitting kind to me since I had been about 10 years old and I too, liked her company very much, and I passed my time mainly in her company in my stay there.Her look began to change as my bust nude russian beach began to develop. Under some excuse or other, she used to touch my budding breasts, rub them and even squeeze them. Though a loving sensations always ran through my body being fondled in one of the most sensitive parts of a young girl's body, I had to pretend disliking because of fear and inhibitions. How fool had I been then to behave in that manner!Her attempt of my seduction had been incessant and, here, it will not be impertinent, if I mention a few incidences. One occasion, I gallery illegal russian boys still remember very russian nudist camp clearly. I was then in class VIII and I had started wearing bra. I had been standing on a summer evening in front of one of the windows of Ria's room in my maternal house. The setting sun's scarlet glows had hued everything illegal russian nudes girls red including me. I felt really dreamy then. I looked back and saw that Ria had entered the room and locked the room from inside.She had just taken her evening bath and her heavenly body had been wrapped in a towel. Beads of water, which russian family fuck looked like ruddy drops, had been glimmering in the setting sun and, at that moment, russian girls licking and her lovely face had turned totally scarlet. I did not then realise that the setting sun's glow had not been the only reason for her such transformation. She came slowly to me and stood at my right. Gently, very gently she pressed her high left breast and stayed there silently.I felt russian nudist photo pages that her breathing became very rapid and with every deep breathing, her lovely breasts - under the cover of the towel - were rising up and down rhythmically, and her left mound had been pushing itself more and more against the upper part of my right arm. It will be a lie if I say now that I was not liking the pressure, but certainly a fear had gripped me.Soon she had her palm skimming gently over the upper part of my arm tentatively touching my ripening right breast. I was having a great sensation of pleasure mixed with a clear fear and apprehension. My fear got better of my pleasure when I felt her warm breath very close to my face and her hand cupping my right boob. I, though reluctant, pushed away her hand and left the room.Another day, about six-months later, she strongly held me from behind in her embrace and began to shower kisses all over my flushed face while her hands not only cupped but began to squeeze my breasts hard. I was feeling weak but somehow had released myself from her embrace. She, literally begged of me to let her squeeze my breasts, but again I let her down, though I had been breathing heavily out of sheer excitement and pleasure.On many occasions after the two incidences, She persuaded me to let her make love to me, and she had assured with all the belief of the world that I would certainly love every moment of her love-making, but foolishly I continued to refuse her.Ultimately the day had come when Julu was destined to be seduced by her lovely Ria. It was a 31st December 1981. (How can I forget the day!) We, i.e. Ria, my cousins, Uncles and I, had been watching the special year-ending show on the TV. I was in a nighty then and Ria was, as usual, in her sari, with a dangerously low-neck blouse revealing almost 50% of her large breasts.Ria sat beside me, and we had been sharing a single shawl, as the night was extremely cold. When Ria and I were left alone in the room, Ria began to push me with her ripe right breast from my left, and when she found my breathing had gone faster, she continued to advance her left hand till it cupped my left breast firmly. Instead of denying the access, not only did I remain silent but produced an ecstatic hiss also.I do not feel any shame to confide now that I began to like the pressure on my breasts. I did not know why, but I prayed silently, let the pressure be increased. It is still a mystery to me that why I had not reacted as I was wont to do russian liitle girls porno in the past. Perhaps it was my destiny of my being a vintage naked russians lesbian and getting youSoon the pressure increased and so did our breathings. Ria, bolder now, and finding none in the room (as the others had left russians porn for their idle sexy russian blondes bed) to disturb us, she inserted her hand inside my nighty and cupped my naked breast. My nipple had already stood erect and she began to knead the entire flesh zealously. After a couple of minute, she ran her right hand around my slim waist line, and pulling her close to her, she cupped my right breast also under my armpit over the thin lace of the nighty.Involuntarily, I began to respond to her firm squeeze. My nipples stood erect and began to poke against her soft palms. She said,"My, my, your nipples are too eager. They hot russian porn stars are not like gay russian boyz you - always reluctant."I replied with a soft and husky voice, "you naughty. You know how nude kids russian gallery to arouse a girl."She said, with all the warmth and passion of the world, but softly, "Do you like my hands on your budding boobs, russian lollipop my princess?I cuddled towards her and could only say, "I don't know."She started kissing my neck, nape, shoulders, cheek and then finally reached my mouth and began to kiss my lips most passionately. It had been the first time my lips had been caressed and kissed with lust. When I kept my lips closed tightly, she hissed, "Open up your lips for me. Let my tongue enter your mouth."Without knowing what to do, I parted my lips to let in her demanding tongue. You will not believe it that what a great sensation began to run to and fro all over my russian college boys young body.She continued my breasts fondling for some more time and when my breathing had been really laborious and rapid She let the straps of my nighty fall off my shoulders and released my naked breasts. She cupped my left breast and, bringing her face she kissed my left breast firmly while her other hand was still busy in kneading my right breasts. It was the first time when someone kissed my breast.Immediately my nipple stood more than erect. She then took it into her mouth, and began to suck them hard while pinching and pulling the other with her fingers. A sort of electric current ran all through my body and I pressed her burning face on my tremendously heaving breasts with my two hands. We were too excited then to mind for the unlocked door.Soon her husband called her and, giving a firm squeeze on my left breast and kissing the other, she left me. Before leaving the room, she said, "We shall do everything tomorrow, at the noon when your uncle will be out in his job and there will be none to disturb us."I still remember how heartbroken did I feel when she left me.That night was both beautiful and fretful. I could not sleep properly, as the ringing sensation of having my breasts russian free porn tube loved, squeezed and kneaded was running continuously. I felt that the sleep was impossible. I really did not know that such a great pleasure and excitement could be showered upon my young body only by breasts-fondling. My nipples stood erect after recalling the pleasure of having Ria's hand, mouth and lips on my boobs. I wondered what a great pleasure it would be after doing the "everything tomorrow", though I had stiffened a bit because of an unknown fear and apprehensions.Then when I had fallen asleep, I didn't know. My chain of my thought had been shattered into torn and tatters when my mother called me up and asked me to get up and study, as my final terminal examination had been nearing. I had never been a bad student, though not meritorious, yet I could not think of the study in my such ringing sensation and feeling.When I came out of the bedroom and prepared myself to study, I had an irrepressible urge to see Ria. Straight I went to the kitchen and found that Ria was busy in preparing tea for the family. No sooner did my eyes meet her than my face flushed and turned vermilion - as if all the blood of my body rushed to my face.Our eyes free russian trailers met and I felt a certain weakness. There had been a strange sensation first in my breasts, in response of which, my nipples stood erect, and then between my thighs. Her russian girl bikini galleries loving look sent waves after waves of sheer pleasure all through my young body. I somehow managed to ask for a cup of tea from Ria.Ria obliged but with a mischievous smile on her lips, she said, "Have this ordinary cup of tea now, but I assure you russian art nude that I'll give, as well as take from you, a very special cup not of tea but full of honey."While handing me over the cup, she intentionally let slip the border of her sari off her big breasts and my eyes were fixed there. She expected the same very repercussion from me, and winking at me littel russian girls meaningfully, she undid the top two hooks of her blouse, showing me a great deal of that beautiful pair of boobs.She again said mischievously with an extremely low voice, "Now lick it with your eyes, russian bd sisters but I'll let you lick them with your tongue later. Believe me, You will feel that you are in heaven."Did I have any doubt on Ria's words? Who knows! I only knew that non nude russians my face turned scarlet as more and more blood rushed on my face. The fire that she had ignited in the russian mafia porn sites closeness russian anal pics of the sofa last night, was burning every nerve of my young body.When none was seen anywhere near the kitchen, piss russian torture as two of their three-member family, i.e. my uncle was taking his bath and my younger uncle was busy in his study upstairs, and my mum also was taking her bath, she came closer to me naked russian spooky girls and said in a husky voice, "how I wished last night to reach your love-spot between your thighs!"It is still a surprise today that from where I had gathered so much boldness to have said to her, "I would not have minded if you did."Ria kissed me drunk russian sex lovingly, "Really? How foolish I were then in not exploring that realm of love! A'right, I'll amend this noon."I could only say, free russian sex video "Do whatever you like," and ran away from there with my heavily pounding heart filled with elation.I tried to concentrate in my study but with little, or no, success. Every moment my heart had been pounding in expectation of the noon. I had been wondering continuously that if fondling of breasts could shower me such excitement and ignite such fire, how the "everything" would do in the "noon". It was impossible to wait for the noon, as it appeared that illegal russian pictures the time was just limping to torture me.However, all waiting has an end. At about 10 a.m., first, my uncle left for his job. sex site in russian He took my mother with him to drop her in her office. Then my younger uncle left for his New Year picnic with his friends - leaving Ria and russian underground movies me alone except the two maidservants, who were to stay with us till we finished our lunch. The more was the passage of the time, the more agitated had I turned.After taking bath, at about 11-30, I put on a black lacy bra and my favourite front-open black frock. My breasts appeared to strive incessantly to come out off the confinement of the tight cotton. My cleavage was clearly visible, as hardly did the neckline russian kid sex of illegal russian pics the frock cover it. The freshness of my youth, my fair complexion together with russian nudes nastya the fresh arousal had made me to look really more beautiful and attractive.During the lunch Ria said, "Our operation will take place in my room as soon as the two russian sexy gallery maidservant go away. After lunch, you just go to my room and wait there for me and I, no sooner do the two unwanteds leave the place, shall come to you." She also instructed me not eat heavily."After the lunch, at about 12.30 free russian hardcore videos p.m., I brushed my teeth and straight away went and laid myself sidewise on the soft bed of Ria and my uncle. After a restless waiting of about 30 minutes, I heard the door open and latched in securely. My heartbeat became so heavy that it appeared it would fill the room. A beautiful fragrance, I did not know the name of the perfume, filled the room with her coming.My body began to shake uncontrollably when I felt Ria was inching towards me. As I was lying there with my back to her, she inclined herself on her left russian nudism elbow and touched my right shoulder most lovingly, and planted a kiss at the side of my neck. As her warm breath had been caressing my scarlet face continuously, my shivering beautiful russian pussy increased incessantly, and my breathing became very fast and deep. When I had looked below on my heaving breasts, I clearly saw bulge of my cleavage was clearly visible, and I thought it had been the greatest feast for Ria's eyes.Slowly, she kissed just on the side of my lovely neck just below my right earlobe, and began then to rub and graze the whole region with her wonderfully soft lips. I was becoming more and more aroused by the beautiful manipulation of Ria's lovely lips while her hand had been still grazing over my shoulder and the upper part of my lovely right arm.Soon she steered her russian pussy vids hand downward and then her hand began to skim over my breasts. The pounding of my heart and my heaving became too rapid. I felt that my nipple had drunken russian orgy stood erect and a strange but rapturous feeling spread all over my body from the epicenter in my damp love-triangle. The feeling had been really too inexplicable for me even in my present matured stage.I let go a deep moan that came out from the deepest part of my heart when her right hand travelled below my black cotton through the neckline and cupped my right breasts over the my bra firmly. I was clearly feeling that my nipple had been poking against the middle part of her soft palm. Quickly she released her hand off her head, 13yo russian laid myself on the hollow of russian yung her left shoulder and with her freed russian dark nude collection hand unhooked the front opening of the black cotton and cupped my left breast as well.It had been a wonderful sensation. None had cupped me by my breasts, and rhetoric to describe the feeling is, still now, beyond my reach. I only felt that I had been drifting towards something, which was too blissful, too rapturous and to ecstatic. I began to writhe more violently, my face marred with the ecstatic passionHer lips meanwhile had reached my russian porn photo beautiful lips. First she kissed the upper lip and then the lower and next she began to run her tongue along the crevice between. Soon her imploring tongue made my mouth open to accommodate her russian family girls nudist tongue and I felt that her tongue had begun to play with my sweet tongue lovingly. As, still then, none had kissed me in that way, the sensation created unendurable shock waves in my body.After few minutes of erotic kissing she made me to sit upright and quickly pulled my frock over my head and peeled off my body. I had co-operated her by lifting my hips a little. I was then sitting in front of her in my black lacy bra and black panty. My nakedness was dazzling in the diffused daylight of the room behind my bra and panty.The last barrier of my hesitation and inhibition had collapsed by Ria's maneuvering. So when she told me to look at pics of russian girls xxx russian sex her, I opened my eyes fully and saw that Ria's lovely face had Katherina russian pornstar been burning like a brand; her lips had been trembling with a great expectation; and our eyes met. I detected sheer love and passion for me there. I, being bolder, turned to my right and kissed her lips fully. I followed Ria's precedent russian boy video in kissing her.Slowly I took her sari off her breasts and the superb pair of well-developed and bulging breasts came into my full view. I had never seen any woman's breast lustfully before. It appeared to me that her breasts had been inviting me to caress them, to love them, to crush them with my soft palm, and I responded to the silent urge of the boobs. I was surprised that she hadn't had her bra on and still her breasts were so firm, so solid.After a long period russian boylove of my total engrossment with her lovely boobs, though above her blouse, Ria disengaged her from me and turned me lovingly so that her hand could reach my back. She again cupped my blooming breasts from behind and started kissing my back very softly, very delicately. Then she steered her hand towards the double hooks of my bra, and continuously rubbing her lips over my back, unhooked the both with her lovely hands. I myself took away my bra off my body and threw it away.She turned me again towards her and seeing my naked breasts, which had just jumped out of their confinement and stood erect without any support, she said,"How lovely are your breasts! Your mounds blonde russian bj are really russian bother sister sex beyond description. Why do you wear russian cz rings bra, as the pair does not need any support really? How fortunate am I to caress them!"So saying, she clutched the both and began to squeeze them hard.Suddenly an eagerness to see Ria's naked boobs gripped me firmly and without any hesitation, I unhooked the front hooks of her blouse, and lo! What a scene had been unscreened in front of my eyes! A pair of white globes with brown aureoles, at the tips of which, two russian incest free pic engorged deep-brown large cardamom stood erect. The view russian vagina cast a spell over me and made me totally speechless. Unknowingly the following words tumbled out off my throat,"Lovely, Ria, lovely. I'm spell bound. Simply fantastic, I want to feel them."So saying I advanced my palms to cup those beautiful orbs. Immediately my finger touched them and felt the butter-softness of the mounds. My young palm could only cup a small portion of the bulge an Ria brought her two hands and placed them on my palm and said lovingly, "Love them, Caress them, Squeeze them, These are yours, only yours, my princess."I didn't know for how long I had been caressing them, squeezing them and kneading them with my not so big young palms. It might be for some moments, or for some minutes, or for some hours, as I only knew that I was heaven bound.Ria then laid me on my back in the bed placing a pillow under my head and then she herself had reclined keeping her left elbow on the pillow, and began dick sucking russian girl to skim the cream smooth skin of my burning face with both her breasts. A wonderful sensation, because of the friction of her rock hard nipple boys nudes russian against the soft skin of my face, multiplied my already much aroused passion to a great extent. With her free hand, she had been fondling my both breasts alternatively all the time.After some time of such beautiful maneuvering, she brought her rigid right nipple and placed between my lips and hissed, "Open your mouth, darling. Accept my offer." I was in no mood of denial.I kissed the brown cardamom lightly creating another shock wave inside me. Then my kissing links russian nude changed to hard sucking. Sometimes I nibbled the fragrant cardamom, sometimes I chewed it lovingly and sometimes she herself had been pulling out her nipple, by applying a little force, from my sucking mouth. A wonderful, amazingly sensuous feeling - too magical to describe in words - it had been.I felt that some sticky substance had started to flow incessantly from in-between my thighs. I was afraid of having of those unpleasant days of period. Ria felt my uneasiness and with a wonderful husky voice said, "What is it, my princess, for which you are worried."When I complained of the presence of the sticky substance between my thighs, she drove her right hand and touched my never-touched-before vagina lovingly and said with a lovely smile, "It's your love-juice. In English, it is called Cum." Then she brought her sexy nude russian girls right hand to her mouth and began to suck the fingers lovingly and passionately. Then she brought the fingers to my mouth and said, "Taste yourself, my honey. You will like it."With a little bit of hesitation, I licked the finger and was awarded with an acrid taste. It was otherwise tasteless but, at the same time, brought myriads of sweet taste in my mouth. I began to suck the finger frantically.Then she whispered in bd girls russian my ear, blonde russian babes fucking "Let me take your panty off, my princess."I went stiff, and for the first time since our union, a certain fear had gripped me. Realising this, Ria with all the russian striptease passion - possible for her to bring in her throat - whispered, "Don't worry, my love. I'll not do anything that will make my princess afraid. Believe me, you will all russian girls love and savour every moment of our love-making."Her reassuring words had made me believe then and there that there could not be any fear. Had there been any, she would not have done that to me. The certain uneasiness had been blown away russian girl sites without any trace behind in my heart just like a piece of fleecy cloud is blown away in strong wind. Ria bent over my tummy, reached for the elastic waistband of my panty and I lifted my hips so that she could take the panty off.She leaned more. This time on my thighs and slowly began to peel off the panty rolling and running it along my thighs. When she was successful to take it away, she threw it away and sat in-between my thighs. She lifted my left leg almost vertical to the bed and began to kiss my calf there softly. You know how sensitive sexy hot russian women that part of a young girl's body is. I hissed loudly out of sheer pleasure. Then she began to lick the area with the tip of her tongue and, art russian nude as a result, I began to writhe the upper part of my body. Then she repeated the action on my right calf - all the while increasing my sensation.When she put her lips on the inner part of the thighs, I began to writhe uncontrollably, all the while wishing her lips to move up. Slowly but surely her lips were advancing to the valley of Venus and the nearer was she reaching there, more hissing and moaning were produced from my throat. I was convulsing being blown away by a strong gale of fucking russians ecstasy and erotic feeling. I spread my thighs as maximum as possible.Ultimately she reached there. First she kissed the two lips inserting her tongue a little into my virgin and profusely dripping cunt and then advanced upward till she took the crown of my cunt into her lips. She lingered there and, again I lost time sense, and then began to caress my red engorged triangle with her lovely tongue. How can I script the intolerable pleasure even at this matured age of 35!With her caress and love to my clit, she was running her palm all along the love-triangle passionately, sometime pressing her hand firmly and sometimes running her finger below my crown to russian free girls the entrance of my shapely and round ass. The convulsion in sex russian kiddy my body was on increase continuously.Then she slipped her tongue downward and separating my cunt-lips, she inserted her lovely tongue into me. She first licked the inner flesh and probing her tongue as deep as possible, vigorously and russian boys cock began to drive her tongue in and out along my super-wet love-tunnel. After a few minutes (perhaps) she took her tongue off the hole and russian chick black dicks replaced her tongue with her index finger. nude russian penpals Frankly speaking, I russian sexfoto still remember, I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. Instead, I arched my hips forward and Ria's index finger had entered to its base.Seeing my arousal, she began to push her finger in and out lustily. She asked, "Are you feeling any pain, honey?" I was too much elated to reply. With wild shaking of my head, I gestured in negation. She again said - still in whisper, "Are you liking the kidzilla porn russian invasion of my finger?" I shouted, "YYEEEESSSS. Harder, Harder, Mmm .. Mooo...morr.. moreeee".At every push of Ria, I was arching my hips forward in uncontrollable thirst. My cunt had turned so slippery that I hardly felt the presence of Ria's index finger there. I begged of her to insert another finger there, and she obliged happily. russian 69 A peculiar splashing-like sound was being produced and a fragrance - till then unknown to me, enveloped the room.Being fucked by her two fingers, I was very near to my russian free porn pic first climax of life though I did not know the term, which Ria explained later to me. russian junior nudism I felt that I had been thrown into the space and I was floating in the ether. I felt that I did not belong to this world. I felt that I was no longer a mortal but an angel gliding through the air by my heavenly wings. A little later everything exploded into black. All the things turned blurred in front of my eyes. Pressing Ria's invading finger into my love-tunnel and her hand free russian pron on my cunt with all the power I had in my shaking body, russian illegal sexe I hissed and moaned and convulsed and burst into climax.When I regained my senses, russian dripping pussy I saw my Ria was staring at me with all the love of the world. I moaned, "I want to do the same to russian nudegirls you, please let me do it." She said yes and laid herself on her back with spread thighs. Immediately I lay russian pussy closeup there and she spread her shapely and smooth thighs over my shoulders thus small russian incest pushing her pussy for the better and easy access of my mouth. When I was about to free russian sex galleries start kissing her thighs, she hissed, "I'm too horny, princess, come directly on my cunt."I buried my face there and immediately had been welcomed with a wonderful fragrance. She hissed, "Kiss me there, my princess. Let me cum on your face with your three fingers inside my cunt."I obliged her and added, raising my head from her streaming cunt, "Please guide me, my queen. I'm a total novice." Then I put my lips on her erect and well-engorged clit and began to nibble it, not with my teeth but by tongue and lips. She told, "Push your fingers inside me, princess."I obliged her; and she responded by pressing my head in-between her thighs firmly with her two hands. She was rubbing her cunt against my face and arching her hips forward. Her movement became more violent and increased and, sometime pulling my head firmly upon her dripping pussy and sometime pressing my invading finger deeper into her cunt-hole she pics russian naturists began to rock to and fro. She began to writhe uncontrollably and her russian nude women picture rocking intensified. There was no end of streaming of her love-juice, in which my fingers had literary been bathing. Ultimately with a shrieking of an "AAA.. AAA.. AA H ..HHH..HHH.HH..HH,YYY..YEE..EEE.EEE.EAA.AAA..H..H.H.H.." she collapsed and lay still. Her lovely head dropped backward on the pillow. My mouth had continuously been pressed in-between her thighs firmly by her vice-like hold. The creamy liquid streamed forth off her pussy continuously and I had been too pleased in tasting her cum. After a few minutes I too collapsed by her side.When she and I had regained our strength, she kissed my lips with a feeling of wonderful love and passion and said, It is only the beginning, my princess, of our love-voyage. There are thousand other ways to lead us to our "Delectable no nude russian Land" which I will teach you by and by, in future. Only love me and I shall be your teacher, friend, philosopher and above all guide."Before drifting into the world of slumber, I whispered, "I shall, I will, I must, my teacher, friend, philosopher and my guide. Take me always to the "Fairy Land of sheer happiness."Then I fell asleep in a beautiful siesta and I did not wake up till 5 p.m. in the evening. The New Year had brought a "New World" of hot russian girls spreading "Erotic Lesbian Lust" "And the new sun rose bringng the new year."
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